Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Don Adams and Dr. John Schinnerer, host of Guide To Self radio, discuss Don's unique and proven proposal to reduce violence in Richmond.

Don Adams has worked in the field of building fragmented communities for over thirty years. Don has consulted with dozens of foundations and government agencies through out the United States and abroad. What’s more, he’s had success rebuilding communities shattered by blight, violence racism and cynicism. And now he has a proposal pending before the City Council for a cultural development planning project for Richmond. So, how do we heal the deep-seated, and longstanding pains
in Richmond? Listen in for part of the answer with Don Adams, a long-time healer of traumatized towns and shattered cities. Show aired on KDIA 1640 AM on 12/15/05. More shows available at www.guidetoself.com.

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