Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Right Attitudes For More Joy During the Holidays

Right Attitudes
Part of discovering true happiness is finding the right ways to look at the world and the people around you. And science is uncovering data that shows that certain attitudes are healthy for us to adopt. The right attitude or belief can help our heart, our lungs and our immune system. The right attitude can reduce stress, relieve anger, and help you be more creative.
If you doubt what I’m saying, which is normal, try them out for yourself. I’ll share some attitudes with you. Try them on for a few days and see how they work for you.  
Now, when you come right down to it, the secret of having it all, is loving it all. Unconditional love is the intentional choice to look for the best in other people, to give them the benefit of the doubt, to extend your hand first by offering to help. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. By noticing the beautiful, thoughtful little things that surround you everyday, you can lift up yourself as well as other people around you. You have to slow down to look for beauty, otherwise you miss it. You find what you look for. And the more beauty you notice, the more you open up, and the more love you will feel.
     So here are some attitudes that will help you to create more happiness in your life:
     Believe in a loving and compassionate God
Believe that you are an individual worthy of love and happiness (and all of us are).
Find ways to remain humble and down to earth.
Positive emotions are created as you learn to be grateful for all that you have right down to your ability to walk, breathe, feel and think.
     Behave in an ethical manner so you need to know WHAT your values are
     Take care of your physical body
     Think positively
     Surround yourself with positive, nonjudgmental people
     Re-interpret your past with meaning
     Discover and enjoy the present moment
     Learn to be optimistic about the future
Encourage your sense of humor. Life is funny by nature. Let it amuse you rather than irritate you.
So during these trying times of the holiday season, practice adopting the right attitudes, the attitudes that will lead you to more joy and more holiday spirit.
All my love,

Dr. John


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