Friday, December 09, 2005

Bully Proof Your Child! Teach Your Children Assertiveness!

Do you know what to teach your child so he or she is safe from bullies? What do you say to your children if they are already BEING bullied?

Bullying has a long-term impact on children's development. Find out how to put reduce your child's risk of being intimidated now.

Amy joins Dr. John for a lively discussion about the best ways to bully proof your students and children. The top ways to prevent your child from being a victim. Dr. John Schinnerer, a UC Berkeley psychologist, reviews the latest in tips and tools to help you child become more assertive and less likely to become a victim!

Guide To Self Radio with Dr. John Schinnerer can be heard on KDIA 1640 AM. Dr. John is available for consultation, keynote speaking gigs and coaching at 925-944-3440.


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