Sunday, December 11, 2005

Consider the possibility of sponsoring Guide To Self and Dr. John

This note is to those of you who are considering advertising to a potential audience of 8 million folks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Guide To Self is a ½ hour radio show that is part coaching (positive counseling), part interview with leading authors, part concrete steps on ways to create your own happy and meaningful life.

Guide To Self is on Monday through Friday at 5 pm on 1640 AM. Past shows are now available for free at Apple’s iTunes store ( as well as on our blog ( and our website ( Actual listenership is in the thousands. That number will increase as soon as we pick up another station. .  We have hundred of requests for the show throughout the world each day. They are all subscribing, downloading and podcasting via the Web.

Simply consider the possibility that, as a sponsor, you get a ton of exposure: one-30 second spot per show, one 10 second mention each show (“Guide To Self is sponsored in part by your company name and they can be reached at 555-896-2030”), a link on the Guide To Self website, and weekly mention in the Guide To Self newsletter. What’s more, Guide To Self is going to run twice a day for the next two months. That means you’ll get a minimum of four impressions each day to your audience.

We already have interest from KFNX in Phoenix, Arizona. It is expected that once we have the expenses covered for the show in San Francisco that we will expand there next.

Please send or email me information on your company name, address, phone, website, price, and text describing the reading program. I’ll have my producer work up a spot for you. There is a one time $150 charge to produce the spot. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (925) 944-3440.

I hope it’s easier and cheaper than you thought! Truly, I think this is a positive message that can create some change for the better in the world. I am truly appreciative of your support.

I look forward to this being successful for all of us.

Warmest regards,

Dr. John
(925) 944-3440


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