Sunday, July 31, 2005

What do you do when you finally succumb to the pressure?

I've been on overload for three months now. I've been working quite hard on finishing a book, scripting a daily radio show and parenting three children. I've been working too many hours and not following my own advice.

One of my children is angry with me and is resentful of the radio show. None of my children are satisfied with the amount of time they have received from me lately. My wife just became upset with me because she feels I portray her in an unflattering light (which is largely true but unintended).

Just for the record, my wife is one of the most wonderful, loving and emotionally intelligent people in the world. Proof of this is the fact that I dated her for 7 years and have been married to her for 14 years.

In the midst of this stress, my body recently revolted and has been ill for the past five days. My strength is waning. My spirit is ebbing. But my resolve has not.

We've had some issues with the radio show on KDIA. I think we are capable of making a world class radio show and are falling slightly short of that mark. It's frustrating.

However, we will pursue because this is what I am supposed to do - speak to people, share the information that may improve their life - right here, right now. Because what we do now, echoes in the halls of eternity and Heaven.

God bless,

Dr. John


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