Thursday, July 21, 2005

Autism and Thimerosal part II

The Guide To Self Radio show on Wednesday with David Kirby (Evidence of Harm author) went very well. A lot of amazing evidence that makes sense to me. Some said it was our strongest show to date.

We got one emotional response from an acquaintance. It is funny - strong negative emotional responses don't seem to persuade me in a debate.

What I do know is that mercury is the 2nd most poisonous substance on the planet. It is a neurotoxin. It kills brain cells. It kills brain cells faster when mixed with other substances such as aluminum or cadmium. Why put it in our bodies?

And I sure as heck do not want anyone putting it in my newborn children's bodies.

It's interesting how people get certain thought systems or mind sets and then simply look for information that fits into that mindset. Any information that does not fit, does not enter the mind for evaluation. It's just emotionally dismissed.

Question: What doesn't fit into your world view or mindset? Why does it not fit there?


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