Sunday, July 24, 2005

Energy vampires and toxic people

On our daily radio show, Guide to Self and Beyond, we have been and continue to discuss energy vampires and poisonous people. These are the people who drain the energy right out of you whenever they are around. They insult you. They embarrass you. They rob you of your positive emotional energy. They take while you give.

We all remember the old children?s rhyme. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Well, actually, your words can hurt me. And my own words can hurt me. Our use of words is undeniably important because our brains believe what we tell them. The brain is literal. We?re all running away from memories of painful events, nasty words, and mean people. The brain is so impressionable that we not only remember painful events, we tend to live our entire lives based on words we heard as children. Words are powerful. So you do not want to surround yourself with people that belittle and insult you. Nor do you want to spew mean-spirited words on others. Negative messages only serve to make you small and powerless. You deserve to be cherished and appreciated.

So it?s time again to get out the garlic necklace and the wooden stake because we are fighting the battle against energy vampires this week on 1640 AM at 5 pm Monday through Friday on KDIA. We?ll tell you all about the types of vampires and how to deal with them.

In order to correctly identify vampires, you must be in tune with your bodily reactions. It takes some time and practice to discern between someone whom you merely dislike and someone who is a vampire and drains energy from everyone with which they come into contact. Also, be aware of the difference between your nervous energy, which comes up in new situations and then slowly fades, and the ongoing exhaustion caused by vampires. To help you identify energy vampires, tune into your physical reactions to individuals. If your chest tenses up when you come within four feet of an individual, be on guard. If your stomach cramps when you approach a person, pay attention to it.

Keep looking here. I'll be adding more info on the types of emotional vampires this week.

All my best,

John Schinnerer, PhD


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