Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pat Sullivan - author of Wellness Piece by Piece

The show yesterday went very well. We had the opportunity to interview Pat Sullivan, CEO of Wellness Piece by Piece. Pat is widely recognized as a pioneer and visionary in the high-tech industry who created ACT! used by millions of business professionals around the world. He was named as one of the 80 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing History among the ranks of Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Jack Welch, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates. Sullivan was also honored with the prestigious Ernst & Young ?Entrepreneur of the Year? award not once, but twice! First for creating and marketing ACT!. And again for SalesLogix, the leading mid-market customer relationship manager. He is now founder and CEO of JigsawHealth a company dedicated to helping individuals feel better.

Here are a few principles from JigsawHealth (www.jigsawhealth.com). First, our bodies are very complex, but completely interrelated. Each major system of the body (gastrointestinal, neuro, etc.) depends on the healthy functioning of the other systems to attain and maintain optimal health and wellness. If one system is compromised, other systems can break down, too.

Second, chronic conditions rarely have just one cause. Chronic health issues may be the result of a genetic predisposition, nutritional deficiencies, overuse of antibiotics, chronic infections, exposure to heavy metals, mold or hormone imbalances. Or it may be a combination of these.

Third, Overcoming chronic recurrent conditions generally requires a balanced, multi-faceted approach. There is no "magic bullet." Prevailing over chronic conditions requires persistence, patience, and a passion to feel better.

Fourth, nutritional foods and supplements are necessary for optimal health. Today, much of the food supply in the U.S. has been injected, sprayed, processed, and over-cooked. The result is artificial food tainted with toxins and stripped of any real nutrients. We are, in a sense, starving ourselves. And we wonder why, in this land of plenty, our levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and more have risen far above those of other countries.

Interestingly, we received feedback from one listener after the show calling us "evil" since according to her, we were insinuating that "the doctors out there don't know what they are doing." It's funny how quick many people who call themselves "religious" or "Christian" are to cast stones at other people. For me, it's one more reminder NOT to judge other people.

The point we were trying to make is that we need to look at the whole individual while incorporating the best from both the traditional medical and the alternative medical worlds for the best possible health. In addition, there are some environmental factors that we need to be aware of if we are to optimize our physical and emotional health. Pat Sullivan has some theories on what has harmed him and what has helped him. He also has a number of scientific studies to back up his theories. We thought that it would make for an interesting and informative conversation. Guess we were right!

John Schinnerer, PhD


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