Thursday, November 24, 2005

Richmond is the most violent city in California. It ranks 11th among the most violent cities in America. This is unacceptable and we will find a way to improve the situation.

Dr. John Schinnerer has a candid talk with a wise cop on the Richmond P.D., Lt. Mark Gagan. Mark has led SWAT teams, worked homicide and patroled the street. On top of that, he has a remarkable and poignant take on the perception of cops within Richmond, the prevalence of depression and PTSD among the officers, the horrors of witnessing the crime scenes over and over. The stress of knowing that potentially everyone around you is a threat. So most officers ridicule emotions. What they don't realize is that the negative emotions created by ongoing violenct aftermath are literally eating them alive - from the inside out. That attitude is the first step to real change withing the Richmond PD. We need a little enlightenment injected into the culture. Dr. John Schinnerer


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