Thursday, November 24, 2005

What is positive psychology? It's hard science

Guide To Self coaching and radio both focus on the intersection of positive psychology, emotional management, physical health and spirituality to allow people to find passion, purpose and peace. 
So what, exactly, is positive psychology?
Where traditional psychology has focused on what is wrong with us, positive psychology focuses on what is right with us. Positive psychology focuses on our strengths and positive attributes.
The best part is that it’s all based on scientific research. To many people, “positive psychology” sounds like all the other self help, self improvement hoo-haa out there. It’s not.  It's all based on hard science.
Each of us wants to be happier, more productive, have healthy relationships and discover our purpose in life. And in 1998, a new branch of psychology sprung up specifically for those purposes - positive psychology.  
Positive psychology studies positive emotions (e.g. joy, excitement and forgiveness) and positive qualities (e.g. wisdom, emotional intelligence and curiosity) in people. What’s more, positive psychology looks at new ways to develop these areas and how to use them to achieve greater happiness, productivity, and passion. 
The most exciting part it is that it is not merely a motivational speech or bits of baseless self help advice.  It’s science.  Positive psychology studies these subjects scientifically and provides empirically proven exercises to help us achieve our dreams and goals.
There are numerous simple yet powerful exercises proven to increase your satisfaction with life. These scientifically proven tools can identify your strengths, increase your passion for life, create more optimism and help you manage your thoughts and emotions. It is truly powerful information.
Another way to think of positive psychology is using a football analogy. Click here for the football analogy.
Dr. John Schinnerer, host of Guide To Self Radio, lifts you from merely surviving to positively thriving. Recent advances in science have shown that everyone can learn to increase their level of happiness, emotional intelligence, passion and satisfaction with life. Find out how - now.
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