Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nailing Your Next Job Interview

Here are some tips for nailing your job interview. I'll be speaking with Dean today on the air at 5 pm on 1640 am.

Preparing for the Job Interview
By Dean Tracy - Dean Tracy Jobs
November 9, 2005
“Guide to Self” – KDIA 1640AM

1) Get the Interview

a. Networking
b. Don’t be afraid to make calls to the Recruiter or Hiring Manager
c. Use LinkedIn and other online resources to find contact people

2) Ways to do Really Well in the Interview

a. Have a Strategy for Success
· Research “you” or “yourself”
1. Know your resume and what they might want to talk about
2. Have all dates / times / jobs accounted
· Have answers for a list of questions that you expect them to ask
1. Example….”Can you explain a weakness that you have?” – Nobody is perfect and yes, YOU have weaknesses…An example is to share your heads-down work ethic and how you often tend to work until the job gets done, BUT you are working on learning how to better prioritize your tasks in order to minimize the pressure that you are placing on yourself.
a. This example demonstrates a GOOD problem (hard worker) and also identifies Action and Solution (PAR = Problem, Action, Result) that you have identified and are working on.
· Have a list of questions that you want to ask them (sometimes the questions you ask are more impressive than your previous answers to their questions)
1. What are some of your biggest pain-points in this role today? (Allows you an opportunity to address how YOU would impact the company in fixing these problems.)
2. What is your expectation of the person that is hired to fill this role? (Allows the hiring manager to address their goals for the job.)
b. Research the company and know why you want to work there
· Excited about the opportunity (not the “job”)
· Understand their “Great Products and Services”
· Understand their “Corporate Culture”
· Review recent Press Releases
· Review their web site

3) Prepare Emotionally

a. You are under evaluation from the time you pull into the parking lot until you leave the interview. The Receptionist is often one of the first people that gets asked how you behaved while waiting for the Hiring Manager to come out.
b. Be prepared with extra resumes, clean note pads, fresh pen in hand with a back-up pen in your bag
c. Get a good night sleep – Show up rested and ready
d. Listen to relaxing music on the drive over – Some people like hard aggressive music to “get them going”
e. Bring your own bottled water to drink - Don’t waste “selling” time by getting a drink
f. Be early to the interview and watch the traffic that comes / goes from the office. You can learn tons about the company by observing from the lobby or reception area.
g. Monitor your Body Language - Every movement you make is a signal
h. Bring work samples that are appropriate for the right job
i. Expect to be kept waiting – They may be testing your patience level.
4) Meet, at least the minimum requirements for the job before calling in for an introduction or potential interview
5) Communicate clearly
a. Demonstrate how your experience – proven results/benefits are needed for the company and position.
b. You MUST have a “Strong Value Proposition”
6) Build rapport with the hiring Manager and people that get you in front of him/her
7) Get feedback

Three Phases to an Interview

A. Opening
· Finding pieces to the puzzle.
B. Ask questions about the role.
B. What are the most important skills required for success in this role
· What are the Challenges in this department or role today?
· What are the company goals and objectives?
C. Middle
· Identify your experience to the benefits that you can offer to the job requirements
D. Closing
· Ask, “How do you think my skills and background fit the position requirements?”
· Ask, “What concerns do you have about my background as they relate to my qualifying for this role?”
· Ask, “What are the next steps in moving forward? Is it OK to contact you in 10 days if I don’t hear from you first?”

Knock 'em dead!

Dr. John
Guide To Self
Guide To Self(C) 2005.


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