Friday, October 14, 2005

The Beginner's Guide To Life: A Scientific and Spiritual Guide to a Profoundly Happy and Purposeful Life

I am very pleased to announce the availability of the intro and chapter in my n ew book, "The Beginner’s Guide to Life: The Scientific and Spiritual Guide to a Profoundly Happy and Purposeful Life." You can click here if you'd like to read this new release. The book is intended to provide current best practices based on cutting-edge research for a meaningful, happy and fulfilling life.

The sample chapter goes over positive and negative thinking:

The top 14 types of Gremlin, or negative, thinking and the best ways to challenge them.

How to replace Gremlin thoughts with positive and supportive thoughts.

Why it's so important to cultivate more optimism in your life.

How to adopt a more optimistic attitude.

And several exercises to help you improve your thinking and your life.

The rest of the book will cover...

Emotional Arena

• Offer a new model of emotions which explains the purpose of negative and positive emotions.

• Share methods to manage each of the major types of negative emotions (i.e., fear, anger, and sadness).

• Provide concrete exercises to foster positive emotions (i.e., happiness, passion, and excitement) naturally and easily.

• Share a model of forgiveness which can be used to release old, pent-up anger and

• Share a key secret of world class athletes: the power of staying in the present moment.

Relational Arena

• Help readers to identify the 14 types of Life Leeches, those individuals that drain us of precious energy.

• Share the way to establish and enforce personal boundaries to keep negative feelings out and allow positive feelings in.

Ethical Arena

• Present the top 28 values throughout the world to help readers identify their core values.

• Stress the need for an awareness of one’s own values to guide decision-making.

• Demonstrate how values can boost self-esteem and assertiveness and reduce anxiety.

Spiritual Arena

• Put forth the need to believe in a Higher Power as a way of reducing anxiety and tapping into a power greater than one’s self.

• As determined by research, explain the best way to think of God for the greatest mental well-being (i.e., forgiving and loving as opposed to punitive and angry).

• Explain the power of prayer and the need for frequent prayer throughout the day backed up by scientific research.

Physical Arena

• Share recent findings that there are at least three different brains in your body: the one in your head, the enteric nervous system (the brain in your gut), and the brain in your heart(40,000 neurons or brain cells are in the human heart).

• Discuss the relationship between heart disease and negative emotions and pessimism.

• Stress the need for exercise to stay slim, flexible, and strong.

• Outline the latest in nutritional supplements to improve mood, boost memory, clarify thought and think creatively.

And provide the latest in nutritional and dietary supplements to improve thinking, memory, mood and attention.

I am currently in the process of shopping it to publishers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and please enjoy the complimentary chapter.

All my love,

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