Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anger
(But Were Too Pissed Off to Ask!)

We know there are four types of anger - anger at self, anger at
others, disappointment (anger and sadness), and constructive anger -
but HOW do we deal effectively with anger?

Join Dr. John for the latest info on anger management, tips and tricks
to manage your inner beast!

For more info on Dr. John Schinnerer and presentation availability, go
to http://www.guidetoself.com or call
(925) 944-3440.

Look for Dr. John Schinnerer's new book coming soon. "Guide To Self:
The Beginner's Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought." Available
September 2006 at www.guidetoself.com.
Duration:27 minutes, 43 seconds

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