Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dr. John Schinnerer, host of Guide to Self radio, talks with Dr. Shawn Dill, Director of Community Outreach for Life West Health Center in Hayward, California and a upper cervical chiropractor. The theory of chiropractics has always made sense to me: you make some adjustments, push some bones back in place, and you have a better circulatory response.

Yet, there’s always a twinge of fear in me right before getting my neck adjusted.

One of my issues with chiropractics was the lack of precision in the adjustments and the fact that there was no way to measure progress or quality of treatment.

Well, now that’s all changed.

Dr. Dill is practicing upper cervical specific chiropractic where the focus is on your head and neck (atlas and axis more specifically).
What’s more, each time you go in, Dr. Dill uses Computerized Infrared Thermography (images that track heat variability and in turn nerve problems) before and after your adjustment so that he CAN measure the results. This excites me. This has possibilities.

For those of you interested in learning the latest in physical health, stick around. This is your friendly neighborhood psychologist, Dr. John Schinnerer and you’re listening to Guide To Self radio on KDIA 1640 AM. http://www.guidetoself.com/.

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