Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everyone of us knows one, a person who leaves you feeling drained, exhausted and negative, after every encounter. They're called Life Leeches - people who dry. Life Leeches create barriers to a happy life. They don't want you to be happy because they aren't happy.

There are at least 14 types of Life Leeches of which you need to be aware. The Volcanic Leech, the Emotional Ice Cube, the Sprinting Leech, the Antisocial Leech, the Oblivious Leech, the Empty Shell Leech, the Advice Junkie Leech and more.

Find out about the various types of Leeches AND how to identify them so they don't drain you of your vitality. Guide To Self Radio is hosted by Dr. John Schinnerer, a psychologist out of U.C. Berkeley.
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