Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Taping of first radio show - KDIA

Hermann and I taped our first radio show for KDIA yesterday. This was primarily a rehearsal to get in the mode of recording in the studio. The production team that is walking this path alongside us is incredible.

We are lead by Clifford Brown of Brown Radio. Cliff has been in the radio business for over thirty years. He is a jazz musician, radio DJ, executive producer, stand-up guy and sharp as a tack. He recorded our intro for the show yesterday and it sounds awesome.

Our producer is Harry R. Hall who works with KGO, KCSM and some other radio stations in the Bay Area. He is rich in ideas, talent and passion. I can't wait to put some of his ideas to work. He is a true blessing.

And our jack-of-all-trades is Yvonne Antoinette. Yvonne is quietly working her way into our hearts. She is determined, joyful and a talented writer. She worked the studio engineering for Hermann and I yesterday while we played with the microphones.

Hermann and I had our headphones on and Yvonne spoke to us from the engineering booth and, Oh my Lord, it was like being visited by a host of angels. Yvonne has the most wonderful voice I have heard. If I had the words, I'd try to describe it.

In any case, Hermann and I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such a team of hard-working, bright, devoted and loving individuals. I am extremely grateful for their help. Any success we have on the air will be a tribute to their hard work and vision. So if it never gets said anywhere else, let it be said here, many, many thanks to Yvonne, Harry and Cliff. Thanks, guys!



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