Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Beginning of the Radio Show

Hermann and I met with our production team on Tuesday for our new radio show. The production team consists of Harry, Yvonne and Clifford, an amazing group of people with whom we believe we can rise to the top.

Clifford stated that this was the fastest he had ever put together a radio show in his thirty years of working in radio. Hopefully, that bodes well!

We begin taping the radio show this coming Tuesday. We'll have two taped "rehearsals" and then go live on Tuesday, May 31st at 5 pm on KDIA, 1640 AM.

It's a surreal feeling, similar to having your brain replaced with two handfuls of cotton. It is an amazing feeling when you know God is working directly in your life. There are just too many "coincidences," too many happenstances, too much good fortune for it to be otherwise. I would be arrogant to think otherwise.

Apparently, there is a message that is supposed to be conveyed and we are the vehicle to help do so. The message is a simple one - love and compassion. However, it seems to be sorely missing in our current society.

It's all very excit-ing, however, I'm trying not to get too excit-ed. For what goes up, must come down. This is true with mood as well as gravity. And I cannot afford to go up or down in mood right now.

My best strategy is to stay even-minded and calm. To the extent that I can stay calm and listen to the quiet "stealth" voice in the back of my head, the show will succeed.

My biggest opponent right now is fear. And fear can be controlled. Stick around. I hope to share with you my thoughts and feelings as we go together for this wild ride.

All my love,