Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fostering Positive Emotional Energy

Negative emotions, such as sadness, anger and fear, are born of the situation. They are instinctive and innate. Negative emotions arise due to circumstance. They will not go away. If they won't go away, how do we get to a happier, more content place? How do we foster positive emotions?

Since negative emotions cannot be eradicated, the best way to overcome them is to replace them with positive emotions. Positive emotions can be created by merely thinking positive thoughts. Positive thoughts result in positive emotions. Think about love, kindness and compassion. Think about them every moment of every day. When you do this, you leave no room for negative emotions. Of course, negative emotions will still creep in occasionally due to external situations. But you will be better prepared to rid yourself of them in the blink of an eye.

Fostering Positive Emotional Energy with Exercise

Emotional energy requires a solid foundation of physical energy. Without proper exercise, diet, nutrition and sleep, there is little chance of renewing emotional energy. Physical energy is the basis for emotional renewal and for the creation of positive emotions.

Fostering Positive Emotional Energy with Internal Sources

Emotional energy can be renewed from internal sources as well as external sources. Internally, positive emotional energy is created through laughter, empathy, and courage. They are also created by meditating on, or thinking, positive thoughts, particularly love and compassion.

Fostering Positive Emotional Energy with External Sources

Externally, it is renewed by spending time with positive and non-judgmental people. Positive emotions are nurtured by being in Nature, having a connection to the Earth and all its creatures. They are created and cultivated by having patience with others. Positive feelings are born of spending time with children and seeing the world through their eyes. They come from fulfilling work which incorporates and makes use of your strengths and your passion.