Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dr. John talks with Pastor Michael Chalberg, author of Shattered People: Journeys to Love. This is one show you DO NOT want to miss – we’ll be talking multiple personality disorder (MPD or DID), ritualistic satanic abuse and the hard, hard journey to wholeness for some of these shattered and fragmented folks.

Pastor Michael Chalberg has 15 years counseling folks with MPD who survived the ritualistic abuse of Clergy and parents.

Find out what it takes to split a human mind into 66 seaparate, fragmented personalities - all within one human body. Question: Does each one of the personalities have their own soul? Dr. John Schinnerer can be heard on Guide To Self radio Mon - Fri at 5 pm. Reruns at 2 pm.

Seminars now scheduled for Concord, CA on May 23rd to the 27th. See for more great information. Dr. John will be
presenting with Dr. Leigh Kibby, expert in understanding human behavior. Take a look!
Duration:30 minutes, 14 seconds

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